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What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life you can imagine?

I am reading "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle. This is so timely in my own life. We all have those days when we feel overwhelmed with what we think we should have and we see what we do have!

Gratitude is something that is not always at the forefront of my mind, and it should be. I have a beautiful home, I have three loving cats, I have two amazing daughters, and four amazing grandchildren. I am home building a business that I love. My heart should be bursting with joy and gratitude every morning as I wake up.

I participate in an amazing meditation with the Angels, my spirit guides, the Deva's of nature, each morning. I then share my message Monday through Friday on Facebook through Oracle cards. I have a wonderful group of individuals who come and share those loving thirty minutes with me.

So I am going to share with you the most beautiful story about my life I can imagine!

I wake up every morning with my heart filled with joy and excitement for the days adventure. I am greeted by my cats who love me unconditionally and love to spend time with me during my meditation.

I receive warm loving energy and inspiration during my meditations and I am so excited to share the messages I receive through the weekly oracle readings. I then get to spend time driving wonderful children to their school on the school bus. During this time I see how beautiful nature is. I admire the world around me with fresh grateful eyes for the beauty that emanates from nature. The joy of seeing a coyote running flat out across the prairies. The owl that floats up on silent wings, the fresh air and the amazing sunrises I get to witness. It is a gift of miracles each and every day.

I return home excited to work with my newest client who is looking for clarity and spiritual guidance on how to proceed in her/his life. They get to choose an hour long mentoring session, or an in-depth oracle reading. Their questions are answered by their spirit guides, their Soul, or their ancestors depending on who chooses to come through during this session.

I then get to finish up the in-depth Akashic Soul reading for another client who wishes to peel the onion from the inside out. They are tired of repeating negative patterns, attracting the same scenarios into their life be it within relationships, dead end jobs, or healing their family DNA, so future generations are healthy, happy and prosperous.

The channeling for this client within their Akashic record has been amazing and Archangel Metatron and myself have found the pattern that was created in a past life that started the whole chain of events that have followed this client from lifetime to lifetime.

I am so excited to book our zoom, or inhouse appointment, so we can go over the report and get this client started on the homework to clear all of these negative patterns, DNA cleansing, and start creating positive karma for themselves and future generations.

In the afternoon I am spending an hour on a zoom call with my Limbic Arc family. Sharing our stories of how amazing having access to Quantum Healing is. It is a gift that just keeps giving. Having access to the energetic properties of nutrients being directly downloaded into our bodies 24/7 is a gift from God/Universal energy.

Having to retire in January 2020 due to fibromyalgia was not only scary, but a leap of faith that God, my spirit guides, the angels and the universe were going to support me one hundred percent! My pension fund income is going to last four years and my Healing business would continue to support me one-hundred percent.

That leap of faith has created an abundant life filled with new friends, my ability to manage my bodies needs for nutrients and protection from 5G, viruses, while preventing illness, and protecting me from other pollutants. My healthy body and my Soul is carrying me into the fifth dimension vibration allowing me to create this amazing life.

My spiritual growth continues and the amazing connection with other healers on this same journey, and their spiritual connections allow myself and my clients to continue to take the leap of faith and trust that their way forward in a life filled with faith, joy, love, and abundance. My body is healthy, pain free, and the perfect weight for me.

I have achieved the dream of traveling around the world to see Spiritual sights and meet my clients, Facebook friends and family. I have traveled around Ireland, Scotland, England, Peru, been to Egypt, meeting new friends while building my Healing business through love, compassion, trusting in the process of peeling the onion from the inside out.

I have met the love of my life!

We have a house in Ireland, where my ancestors called home. I still own my beautiful little house I purchased in 2011, it is the hub of my business, here in Alberta, Canada.

We take a trip once a year to some place warm and exotic. The occasional trip somewhere in the world, spending time with a client. Sharing a toast to the new life they have created for themselves.

Once a year my whole family takes a cruise around the world where we get to spend quality time with each other. This gift is the most amazing one of them all. I get to see how by clearing the DNA - the negative patterns from my parents, and ancestors, has allowed my family to live a life filled with joy, love, laughter, and success in their personal and professional lives.

My jump in 2020, trusting in the messages I was given during my meditations, the healing gifts my soul had acquired during all of its lifetimes awakened fully during this time, the extraordinary gifts of limbic arc, spiritual and physical attunements, akashic records clearing, channeling, oracle readings and so much more. What an amazing transformation my life has taken!

A life filled with joy, love, laughter, sharing my spiritual and healing gifts with the world. Finding my true path and purpose in this life, and then sharing my life with a person who was complete within themself, desiring to share a life filled with love, respect, unwavering trust in the universe, walking this journey together was not something I had truly thought possible at the beginning of 2020.

This is the truest, most beautiful story about my life I can imagine!

What is your truest, most beautiful story about your life you can imagine?

What is your deepest desire?

"Let's conjure up, from the depths of our souls: The truest, most beautiful lives we can imagine. The truest, most beautiful families we can fathom. The truest, most beautiful world we can hope for. Let's put it all on paper. Let's look at what we have written and decide that these are not pipe dreams: These are our marching orders. These are the blueprints for our lives, our families, and the world. May the invisible order come visible. May our dreams become our plans."

"Untamed" by Glennon Doyle

Wishing you the best in your life, each and every day one baby step at a time.

Love Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer - lets start peeling that onion from the inside out with a free thirty minute consultation.


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