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Why do we need to measure Success?

I woke up this morning thinking about success. What is the meaning of success to me? Why does the world need to measure success? Who started all of this measuring and comparing of success in the first place?

In the beginning it was just about survival. We went out and hunted and foraged for food. We would be successful in our search or we would come home empty handed and hungry for another day.

When we were within a tribe or community, we all worked together to make sure we had everything we needed to survive. Everyone had a skill or that allowed them to contribute to the success of the community or tribe.

As our tribes and communities grew - that is when dissention within the group dynamic started to show up. Competition to see who was the best. Jealousy over someone elses skill set, feelings of frustration, anger, and the EGO began to take center stage.

It stopped being about for the greater good of all and became "I am the most successful."

It is so hard in our world today to not compare our self with others. It is built into the very fabric of our life from the time we are born. My daughter is so smart she was walking at nine months. My son is so strong he can do fifty push-ups and he is only ten years old.

Our school systems are rigged to make a child feel like a failure. They teach our children to follow the leader and if you want to become the next leader you need to follow the cookie cutter pattern we have designed for you.

"You wonder why bulling is so prevalent in our society. It starts at home when we bully our children to be better instead of celebrating their uniqueness."

Telling our children that we love them and being there as a 'touch stone' for them should be our priority.

Teaching them right from wrong. Allowing them to learn new skills at their pace and not at societies unrealistic expectations. Making sports about having fun and learning how to work as a team. Encouragement to try new things even when they 'suck' at it. How do we even know what we are capable of if the measure stick of success is rigged for failure?

You will never meet a successful person who feels like they are the best at what they do. Why? Because they are still looking around at other successful people and trying to achieve that next invisible rung on the success ladder that was created by a measure stick rigged for failure.

If we can not find joy, happiness, creative inspiration in our ordinary everyday lives then what is the point? Why are you not looking at your life as it is right now and seeing all of the amazing things you have created for yourself? Why are you not patting yourself on the back and saying: "Look at what I have succeed in creating for myself"

If we all just took one day to look at our life and see the beauty and success that we have right now in this moment we might just stop trying to measure up to a standard that was created to make us fail.

"If I died tomorrow I would feel like a success when I stood in front of the Pearly Gates of Heaven. I have two wonderful daughters and four grandchildren who are creative individuals. I am watching them grow and develop into truly amazing human beings who live life on their terms. I have a beautiful home, I am happy with who I AM right now in this moment. I have amazing friends all over the world through on-line media. Everyday I get to share my skills and talents. I get to celebrate me every day by just doing what makes me happy."

We can all learn not to measure ourselves by someone else's yard stick by tapping into what makes us happy. What do you feel like doing. What creative outlet do you want to try next. There are no girl sports and boy sports. There are mixed team sports, dance, drama, this generation growing up right now are discovering that there are no gender roles that need to be adhered to anymore.

So why are you still trying to define your level of success by comparing yourself to others?

It is time we took off the blinders and looked around at what we have achieved at this point in time.

Ask yourself: Am I happy? Do I feel joy when I go to work? Do I love coming home at the end of my day? Do I love my home? Do I love my family, pets, friends?

"If you could wake up every morning with a heart full of joy just because, would that not be the most successful thing to accomplish in your life?"

In a moment, close your eyes and think about who you are, what your skills and talents are, think about the things you love to do each day, think about all of the things you have accomplished and accumulated in your life. The treasures you have within your eyesight. The knickknacks you can not bare to part with. Your favourite book that you have read so many times you might just need to buy a new one. Think about the last time you had a belly laugh. When was the last time you hugged someone. When was the last time you had a smile on your face for the whole day?

Go ahead and close your eyes and let your heart lead you to what is truly important to you in your life.

Life is meant to be lived with joy in our hearts. Joy has no measuring stick of success!

Sending all of you a three minute hug, which puts joy in my heart.

Love you all so much, thank you for reading my blog.

Robynn - Spirit Whisperer


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