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Winter Solstice

This is a powerful day. It is a day when What WAS is being left behind and What IS to BE is beginning. It is a day when you can reflect on the past year, take with you your wins, and leave behind what no longer works for you. Tomorrow is a new day.

You get to think about what you want to bring into 2022. What is the most important lesson that was reveled to you in 2021? What were the things you were able to let go of? What made you laugh? What made you cry? What success in your personal growth are you brining into your life?

For me it was releasing all of my programming around being seen and heard. My childhood and past lives had me full of insecurity about speaking my truth, and using my healing gifts and skills. The programming that was re-enforced from the ages of zero to seven were that I had no value, I was unlovable, I was not allowed to be seen or heard. Most importantly I was not allowed to be successful.

The gift of 2020 & 2021 was being able to recognize what was not working in my life. What I wanted to change about myself. How I wanted to show up for myself and others each and everyday. It was about stepping out of what was and stepping into creating something new. When we not only step out of the box but break down the walls - we have to move forward. We have nothing to go back too and that is scary and exciting all at the same time.

Everything in my life has changed. I am not the person I was in January 2020. I have learned to fully step into my spiritual gifts, knowledge, and wisdom. I allowed myself to learn from others, to reflect on relationships, to take a deep dive into my inner belief system and the desire to change what was not working for me.

I no longer had to spend my day in fight or flight. I no longer had stressors and triggers everyday. I could evaluate my life, my past, and make a conscious choice to chose what I wanted to bring into my future. I started having deep conversations with my body, my higher self, my soul, and Spirit Guides. The Angels became a regular part of my daily meditations and in the healing sessions I performed on behalf of my clients.

I had time to take new courses, read books, practice my skills with Oracle cards and Mediumship. I got to explore who I was and bring in the new me with the Theta Healing process. What did I like, what made me happy, what relationships were important to me? What relationships I was willing to let go of. Most importantly I was able to start loving myself unconditionally. There was no one telling me I was unlovable, unlikeable, or just being mean because they could.

When we are given the opportunity to step out of a life that was re-enforcing our childhood programing it is AMAZING. It is so hard for me to describe the energy that fills my body each and everyday during my meditations. It started out with little gifts of healing, information, and hugs from my Spirit Guides and the Angels. As I was able to participate in the enhancement of the higher vibration of my physical body it allowed my Higher Self attain higher levels of information, enhanced healings, while witnessing miracles of clarity.

The Door to the "Secret Garden of my Soul" was finally opened for me and I was able to walk into a new awareness of thinking, feeling, and a new way of participating in my daily life.

I was led to the healers, courses, and books, that would bring me what I needed when I needed it. There were times when my body needed to rest and I needed to allow my meditations to be relaxing and restful. Then when my body was ready the spiritual upgrades would start flowing again. I have learned to respect my body, respect meditation, respect those who have left my life and honor the amazing new people who have come into my life.

I have found my voice. I am speaking my truth. I am sharing my knowledge and wisdom. I am celebrating with all of you on this "journey to enlightenment" as we cross paths. Trust in the process, ask for help, listen for the answer, and know that there is someone who is also experiencing what you are and that those of us who have been through it can help you when you feel stuck, or are facing a crossroad and need help to clear the blocks and resistance towards the new adventure waiting for you.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and know that you are loved.


Robynn Sheridan - Personal Mentor, Akashic Soul Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, and so much more...


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