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Your Soul Gifts!

Young girl with a rose
What is faith?

Do you know what your soul gifts are? I did not know we were born with specific gifts.

I did not know anything about the Soul or Angels or Spirit Guides.

Funny because I was raised in a religious household.

The bible was read to us as children by our father but there was no discussion about what was read or what the scriptures might meant for me.

I was told just to live my life in a state of faith. They did not explain faith just that I had to have it.

So what is faith? What is spirituality? What is inner knowing? What is intuition? What is channeling?

All good questions that took me a very long time to answer because I never knew the right questions to ask.

Our Souls are immortal they are never supposed to die or cease to exists. If our Souls have been around since the beginning of the "Big Bang" then they have had the opportunity to learn many things. Become experts throughout many different lifetimes where they choose to take corporeal form.

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Planet Earth
Since the world has been world

Our Soul chose earth for a reason. Within that decision was the knowledge that it had all of this knowledge, wisdom, skills, and talents to use to create the experience it desired.

Wishful thinking? Maybe! Depending on what happened to us from childbirth to death - we have numerous opportunities to tap into the Souls Akashic records, its knowledge bank of all that it has been and created since it first realized it existed.

So what happened? Trauma happened! Each of us has experienced many traumas throughout our life here on earth and some of us lost the ability to connect directly to our Soul. We forgot about the knowledge, wisdom, skills, and gifts, that are not only available to us in our personal Akashic record but held within our physical body's cellular memories.

Like attracts like, so when we are about to make a mistake then our body/ego goes into protection mode. It tries to warn us that we have made this mistake or one just like it before and we paid a heavy price for that decision. The body starts out with a feeling of comfortableness, you feel uneasy, you can not make up your mind about something. You may even get brain fog.

So what happens when we continue to ignore those feelings? We start to get sick. We end up with a cold or flu where we have to stay home and no longer put ourselves in the situation our body/ego is trying to warn us about. If we continue not to listen we could end up having a minor accident that makes us stay home once again. If we completely tune out our body's warning system we may end up with a chronic disease, have a heart attack, or worse. I think you are getting the picture now.

Learning how to respect our body/ego warning system allows us the opportunity to tap into our Soul knowledge. Why would you not want to have that knowledge? Just think about how much better your life would be if you had the ability to talk directly to your Soul and get all of the information that would guide you through your designated Soul path during this lifetime.

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Woman with tattoos holding a tarot card
The power of the Oracle

I started out learning how to trust my intuition and not second-guessing myself through the use of Tarot cards (Oracle cards). A part of me did not truly understand how powerful letting my Soul communicate with me would end up being.

It has been a long road, lots of ups and downs, traumas, heartbreak, my life lessons have not been easy and at times I did think about taking my own life. I was in such deep despair I saw no way out.

But each time I got to that point I would remember to pray and ask for guidance and sure enough, I would receive it. It could be through a book I was prompted to purchase or conversion with a stranger, and sometimes it would just be a feeling of overwhelming love flowing through my heart.

I have to laugh at myself because some days I still just leap feet first into something and I forget to ask if what I want to do is to my highest and greatest good. I can look up from my desk and see my twenty-plus Oracle and Tarot cards decks sitting on my bookshelf saying "Pick me - Pick me" and I do not actually see or hear them. It is because I have become comfortable in my surroundings and they can at times simply become a part of the background.

We get comfortable in our lives. We get into a routine and we forget to ask for guidance. Just like the word "thank you" can become something we say with no true heartfelt meaning behind the words.

I think I need something so I go out and get it. I forget to ask: "Why do I think I need it? What can it give me that I do not already have". Will it give me the answer I am looking for?"

So here is my reminder to myself: I need to practice asking the questions before I leap. I have prayer, I have the oracle cards, I have people around me who have the knowledge and wisdom about what I am seeking an answer too. Once I have gathered all of the facts then I can double-check by asking the question once again: "Is this decision to my highest and greatest good?"

When we are deeply invested in an idea, or a desire we can find that no matter how hard we try to distance ourselves and ask the right questions our desire for a specific outcome outweighs our desire to hear the truth.

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Praying hands in neon lights
The power of prayer

This is when we need the help of others. Be they through an Oracle reading, a deep dive into our Akashic records so we can understand why we have patterns of bad choices and decisions that continue to create negative karma in our life. Or simply praying and asking God and the Angels to point us in the right direction, give us a sign, or just put a stop sign in front of us.

I discovered my skill, gifts, and talents slowly throughout this lifetime. It took me a long time to understand what they were and how to use them to make my life and the life of others easier. But I am human, I still jump when I should have asked the right questions, and do the homework that would have let me know if what I thought I wanted was actually what I needed right now at this moment.

Yes, we need to have goals and dreams, and a heart filled with love and desire, but we also need to learn to listen to the soul's voice and distinguish it from the body/ego warning system, and our emotional desires that at times can be overwhelming.

I see someone who has created a successful business, they brag about it on social media which in reality is wonderful we should all celebrate our wins, but at the same time, it makes me feel like a failure because I am still struggling to build my dreams.

So I ask my Soul, my Spirit Guides, I AM, the Angels and the Oracle cards - overkill I know - and the answer is: wait!

So I am being patient, I am doing all the things I think I need to do. I get discoursed and NetFlix binge for days on end. And then I see a post. It is like candy to me. "I want some," I say and so I jump!

"F...." guess what it was not for me, I spent money I did not have on a shiny object that was not going to help me grow my online business.....again! Now let me be clear I was given the message to wait! I waited and waited, and waited! Then this nice shiny sparkly beautiful thing showed up in my feed, and I say to myself "That's it, this is what I have been waiting for, this is the answer to my questions."

I forget to do the most important thing! I forgot to ask my Soul if this is for my highest and greatest good. Is this what I have been waiting for? I do not ask the right questions, I do not do the deep dive into the dynamics, nor do I investigate the truth of the thing being presented to me. Is it all hype, does it only work for "A" personalities?

Woman thinking

Here is the sucky part of all of this. We all learn differently. What works for one person does not work for everyone.

We may have patterns from past lives that will not allow us to succeed until we recognize them and clear them from our Akashic records.

Our EGO is saying "Hey you idiot you did this in a past life and you ended up dying, broke, injured, burned, drowned, etc." So you end up self-sabotaging yourself because of past patterns.

So here is my advice, and of course a reminder to myself to take this advice to heart. "You need to remember to ask: "Is this path, thing, shiny object, promise of money, actually to my highest and greatest good at this time".

If you do not know how to listen to your higher self, the universe, God, the Angels then reach out to those of us who do. God created my soul and my soul has achieved a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that I can tap into through the amazing modalities I was lead to and discovered to use once again in this lifetime.

Deck of tarot cards and pendulum
Oracle and pendulum

A simple thirty-minute Oracle card reading could prevent you from making the next biggest mistake of your life, or tell you that you are on the right path.

An Akashic Soul reading could help you discover the negative patterns you brought with you into this lifetime, this information can help you stop the self-sabotaging, and lead you onto the path your Soul intended before all the trauma happened to you.

You have options, you just need to remember to ask your Higher Self, God, and the Angels to point you in the right direction and receive the information you need right now. None of us are perfect, being human is all about learning from our mistakes.

Have an amazing day and thank you for reading my blog and being a part of my day.

I offer a free thirty-minute coffee chat if you are looking for clarity about what the next step for you could be.

Wishing you the best on your journey of self-awakening and spiritual awareness.

Robynn Sheridan- Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness, helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul, allowing them the clarity of their next step.


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