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Spiritual Mentor - Intuitive Healer


My role as an intuitive healer and reader is to work with your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul through conversation,

and healing techniques I have learned and practiced over the past 25 years.

Working with your higher self is how we discover what your emotional blocks are and how they are contributing to your inability to clear up persistent blocks on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

I am honored to know you and am excited to learn about the issues you need to address.

We can then decide together which healing path would be to your highest and greatest good right now.



Robynn Sheridan 



Let your heart, mind, body, and soul connect

  • Discover limiting beliefs

  • Find purpose in life

  • Discover talents and skills

  • Discover Soul purpose & inner Spiritually

  • Find a solution to every situation

  • See hope where once was fear

  • Find forgiveness where once was guilt

  • Find balance where once was resentment

  • Find focus where once was anger

  • Feel free to create a life you love




I was sensing a new phase in my life and business, but was unsure how to cross the threshold and move forward.


Robynn’s Akashic work gave me several keys to the new path. These were consistent with messages I was hearing from other sources. Spirit had been hinting at it, but I had not recognized. Robynn's work also helped me identify core skills that I knew of but had not had the courage to move into. Her readings brought clarity and helped me both form a practical plan of action and move closer to the ‘authentic me’. It even changed my social profile descriptions and my brand strapline! 


The obvious answers are usually the hardest to see: Robynn’s work helped reveal them. Today I am fully engaged in fulfilling my calling and consistently focused on the areas which yield the best results. I believe her readings catalyzed this process.


I would recommend Robynn without hesitation – and am very grateful that our paths crossed.


Robynn's impressive intuition and wisdom, along with the time and care put into my Akashic Soul Record report, were beyond my expectations!

I was having an issue with an individual whom I needed to set clear boundaries with.  It was causing me stress and frustration, draining my energy. 

After my session, I definitely had clarity and I did need to compassionately terminate that relationship.  I felt it was the best solution for both of us, and I loved how I handled it and how it unfolded.  I believe Robynn’s Akashic Reading influenced me to take the necessary actions to resolve this unhealthy situation. 


I loved the follow-up homework as it kept me motivated and focused on my journey. I continue to become a better being every single day!


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Awaken to YOur Soul Path

For anyone who integrates their spirituality in their career and family. Engage in fun conversations through live, unrecorded audio chat. 


Share any experiences, ask questions, and get live answers from Robynn and the group.


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Curious about my life story? Watch my Oracle card readings to find out how I can help you on your path.


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guided meditationS

Just relax and listen. 

Channeled messages and  guided chakra meditations. Learn to be aware of the energies in your body and protect yourself.


Cup of Coffee


You are welcome to schedule a time to discover.

Let's get acquainted and determine which service 
best fits your needs.

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